What in the world…

The phrase ‘what in the world’ or ‘why in the world’ is commonly used for emphasis in questions, especially to express astonishment or disbelief. ‘How in the world’ might be readily used today to express our bewilderment about how we came to be where we are. the possibility of war brewing in the Ukraine, 1984 style mandates and restrictions as a result of Covid 19 and the rise of crime to levels we have not seen in years. Each day I will pick a current event that is in the news and give my humble commentary. I will not claim to have the right opinion or most common opinion, just an opinion from my perspective. Also, be sure to check out my cooking, food, beer and wine website The Food Pig and my bread, barbeque and beer website Chilling With Glen.


Week of Feb 19 2022 to Feb 26 2022: Kamala warns Putin; Zelenskyy urges more action by Western leaders; Biden agrees to meet with Putin; Russian troops on the ground; Putin makes his move and Biden stumbles; Putin invades the Ukraine while Biden sleeps; Russia moves on Kyiv as west imposes sanctions; Bien touts punitive actions against Russia;

Week of Feb 27 2022 to Mar 5 2022: Russian aggression continues; Ukrainian resistance continues; Putin’s forces march to Kyiv;

Week of Mar 6 2022 to Mar 12 2022: The future awaits;


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